Jenna’s Excellent Adventures: Site Coding, Spring Break and Boris Karloff

YAY! My first journal entry on the new site!! Well, the site’s not actually LIVE yet, but that’s okay – this will give you guys more than one entry to read after I re-launch and hopefully this won’t be like three months old at that point! 

I think I can have everything finished and re-launched within the month, though! I’m super stoked because I initially took PJ offline to just do a few minor design tweaks but then I got to fiddling with the idea of converting the whole site to a WordPress platform and went back and forth with that for DAYS, like it was this big consequential thing that I could never turn back from… And then I’m just like Bitch… Just DELETE THE INSTALL if you don’t like it.

BUUUUUT… I f’n LOVE it!! And I’m REALLY excited that you guys can leave comments on my posts now! I know I could have figured it out with my totally hand-coded version of PJ that I had previously, but I’m thinking well I have so much other stuff going on and why re-invent the wheel, ykwim?

So Spring/Summer has returned to Florida!! It is GORGEOUS out today, sunny and warm which I am living for omg… This winter has been wretched, well Florida winter anyway which is like low 50s at night but I’m a tropical girl, that shit paralyzes me…

So I’m gonna ride my bike down to the post office in a little bit and drop off my Secondhand Dealers license application! I’m so excited because, once I have this, I can start selling vintage stuff on Cult Star!! SO stoked about this because that has always been my dream: to have my handmade stuff and then also sell like vintage toys, games, horror movie collectables, retro sci-fi stuff, cool old clothes… Things like that!

In Florida, maybe it’s the same way everywhere, but you have to get a separate license to re-sell stuff that you haven’t made yourself, the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) oversees it and you’ve gotta get a criminal history check to get one, I guess because of shady pawn shoppes and places like that selling stolen goods.

So anyway, I filled out my application and then you’ve gotta send them a check with the $6 fee, you can’t pay online for some reason but I have my banking through PayPal and they don’t offer checks because they’re like WTF it’s not 1995… So I’m gonna get a money order from the post office to send!

Then I’ve got a full afternoon! I’m tanning, setting up for my shoot tomorrow (guns and ladders, that’s all I’m saying… Was thinking about getting all oiled up, too… That looks so hot on camera but… Guns, ladders, holding the remote camera shutter AND suntan oils? Hmmmmm… Best worst idea ever…)

Then I’ve got two orders for Cult Star to make! An Alice Cooper tank top and another Camp Crystal Lake sign!! Both from my eBay shoppe so things are starting to bang over there, too!!

Then, if I have time, I wanna play around with something I started last night… I was thinking on ways to not just feature my fav old cult films in like a tribute article, but to actually PLAY them as well. Like, have it so you can come on the site and actually watch them. So I started playing with that last night, not really knowing what to expect, but I got it to work!! There are still a few logistics to iron out but I was totally sitting here watching The Terror ON MY SITE and it was working and that was just the coolest feeling EVER!!

OH!! And then I also had an idea for a new apparel line while I was doing all that, which I don’t wanna spill the beans on just yet, because I just started playing around with it this morning!

Okay, I love you guys so much and hopefully it won’t be too much longer and then I’ll be re-launched and you guys can comment on this!! I hope everyone is having a rad week so far!!


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