This Week at Planet Jenna HQ…

Things are banging here at Planet Jenna HQ this week! Finishing up a Cult Star order after I post this and then two more to make: a pair of Belt Chaps and an Alice Cooper tank top! I wanna add more Alice Cooper designs to the site and also more rock tees: Led Zeppelin, Misfits, Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Cramps, etc…

Speaking of, my Secondhand Dealers application FINALLY got delivered yesterday. WTF I dropped it off last Tuesday and – mind you – this is an ENVELOPE. Envelope. Did I spell that right? It looks weird, but there’s no squiggly line underneath it… *does my best monocle emoji face*

So anyway, I wanted to do some type of delivery confirmation so I could make sure it got there and they told me I had to do Priority Mail to get a tracking number, which cost TEN DOLLARS. For an ENEVELOPE. Okay, whatever… But then it took A WEEK to get a Priority Mail letter from Tampa to Tallahassee. Jesus fucking Christ, whatevs… At least I know it got there and now I can see what I need to do next. I may need to go get fingerprinted XD if they need to do a background check so stay tuned for that adventure potentially upcoming.

And the payout reserve on my eBay account got lifted yesterday, too. Last week, a big red banner appeared on my seller dashboard saying my payouts were on hold while they “reviewed some info” so I’m like WTF and did online chat with them about it, and they assured me that EVERYONE gets this hold placed on their accounts, it’s just standard procedure. So then I get another email saying that my account has been PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED due to suspicious activity. What in the actual fuck. So this time I called them and OMG I know I sounded PISSED. I wasn’t rude and I didn’t mean to sound so… um… terse? But OMFG I was infuriated because that’s the dumbest shit ever and I’m thinking like so are they just keeping the money from the sales I’ve made then?

So the guy I talked to could obviously tell I was …not happy… XD And he looked into it and said that something about my account had triggered their AI scanning software. He didn’t directly come out and say it, but he hinted that it had something to do with my address being a corporate office building address instead of a home address. Maybe people do sketchy shit with fake addresses?

Who knows, but I’m just stoked they cleared it up, reinstated my account, and that bloody red bar finally disappeared from my dashboard.

And I also have a package waiting for me down at the office – unrelated but that reminded me, so I’m gonna pop in this weekend and see what I got!! Thinking about riding my bike down there. It’s a bit of a ride but it would be a badass workout and the weather is GORGEOUSSSS so I’m thinking I might do that on Saturday!

Also, I created a Patreon over the weekend. I had never really considered having one because I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I came up with a bunch of badass ideas so I’m super excited about that and getting it up and running!

And I’m still plugging away on this redesign to Planet Jenna and my goal is to have it re-launched by the middle of the month! OH!! And it’s two weeks until my birthday!!

Stay tuned!! I love you guys so much!!


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