Terror From Beyond the Night of the Crystallized Diazo

In case you were wondering, the shelf life for screenprinting emulsion is NOT five years.

Okay, listen.

Time is an illusion, okay?

Five years, five minutes… None of it is real.

So, for the longtime viewers, you’ll know that I actually formed Planet Jenna in 2018. With several years of behind the scenes planning, gathering of tools and materials, and screwing up my courage to actually DO all of this crazy shit.

The screen printing portion of the hunting/gathering took place in May of 2019. The inks, the screens, the degreaser, the emulsion stripper, the actual rig… Perfect. The emulsion however, did not weather the storm.


The emulsion itself turned into that saltwater taffy you get at the county fair. The powdered yellow diazo turned black and crystalized into one solid sparkly chunk of graphite.

Which I STILL tried to mix together. I was like, no this is fine! This will totally work!!

Bitch, please.

The Universe was like Bitch STOP. It was SOOOOOO hard to mix, I was just imagining accidentally splashing the diazo into my eye and STILL not being able to use it anyway. I don’t go down without a fight but I’ve also learned to pick and choose my battles. So I just threw it away and ordered a new one, which will be here Friday!

So I’m still super stoked to get going on this and I have my light-safe darkroom setup all dialed in and I am ready to go!!

Today, I’m making a Camp Crystal Lake sign which is going to New Jersey!! WHOA. Wait. I just realized as I was typing this that Camp Crystal Lake actually IS in New Jersey, isn’t it?? Holy cow! I think they totally filmed the first movie there!!

Whoa, that’s badass!!

Sooooo that’s what I’m doing today!! And then also have a couple of Amazon orders and my Whole Foods order being delivered this afternoon!

I love you guys so much and hope you’re having a rad Wednesday!!


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