No idea what to do with myself…

I finished my photoshoot at 3:30 this afternoon and had no idea what to do with myself for the rest of the day. XD

I was thinking it would take like all day, I guess… Because I was just standing there like “…Should I shoot another angle??” I already had like over 600 pix!! I don’t know, I def want more of this energy on every shoot from now on… Everything just went SOOOOOO perf: the setup and lighting, my makeup, my hair, the poses, the angles… The weather was GORGEOUS. It was an outdoors shoot and I literally just felt like I was playing outside. YAS PLZ!!

So I came inside and washed my makeup off and then sunbathed and worked out for the rest of the afternoon! It was so amazing!! I’m doing another shoot tomorrow and I hope *I KNOW!!!* it will be just as awesome!!

So I’m going through the pix right now and OMG they turned out soooooo good!! The vibe definitely came through in the pix, I’m super stoked to post them!

Speaking of, I am going to TRY. TRY TRY TRYYYYY to have this new site design finished and launched before the end of March. That gives me 11 days which I think I can pull off… Even if I don’t have the full site finished, I’m just so excited to re-launch everything!!

Okay, I’m gonna go back to sorting through these pix! I love you guys so much!!


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