Raisins, Cavegirls, and the Elon Conspiracy

Okay, I am tuned in, tapped in, turned on with these photoshoots lately. I have found the vibe. I have found the channel. Set that shit to preset #3 on the radio, pls.

My shoot Friday turned out SOOOOOO good!! OMG. I’m actually not even sure what I’m using these for, I just wanted ONE shot. Like one angle I saw in my head, with this fuzzy white leopard print fabric – is called SNOW Leopard… I made a little Cavegirl outfit with it and I saw just one angle that I wanted to get, and I ended up shooting 120 pix!!

I had no idea I shot that much and I really think I was only there for like 10 minutes. It took longer doing my makeup and hair than the actual shoot. SO GOOD!! I’m thinking maybe I’ll do like a movie poster design with these or something…

So the battery in the Jeep is totally dead. Like DEAD dead. Like won’t even THINK about trying to turn over. Just – insert key… Nothing. No lights, no stuttering. Just …DEAD. I charged him up on Friday and he charged quickly, I got him to 13.8 but then I went out Saturday to see how much of the charge he held and surprise ending: NONE of the charge.

So I started thinking WAIT A MINUTE. I haven’t had this battery a full year yet. I totally got the one with the 1 year free replacement. WITH receipt.


We know that, try as I might, I am nowhere near THAT organized. So I’m like fuck it, I’ll just buy a new one whatevs… But then the Universe is like “Girl, Elon got you.” Which they tend to point out far more than I feel comfortable with.

I totally used PayPal to do the buy online, pick up in store… So I went back through my transactions and found the invoice number and transaction ID number, so I did online chat with Advance and they were able to email me a copy of the receipt!! And actually, I don’t think that had anything to do with the fact that I used PayPal, but Elon probably has some stake in Advance Auto, too. Who fucking knows…

So anyway, I’m super stoked about that and I’m gonna go out this week and get the new one! I’m also doing some shoots this week at the park for my new tank tops that I made, I’m so excited for that!!

Today, I have two Cult Star orders to make and one of them is a custom order with RUSH shipping!! EEP!! No pressure there!! That’s okay, I know I’ll rock that shit!!

Right now, I’m waiting on my Whole Foods delivery from Amazon and gonna SUNBATHE!! Remember the cake I told you about a couple weeks ago? It turned out SO GOOD, I ordered more mix and also the brownie mix and chocolate chip cookie mix from the same company!! So I think I’m gonna make the brownies tonight, and then for the cake this time – it’s a vanilla cake – so I got raisins and vegan cream cheese so I’m gonna do half like that and then make the other half plain because I also got some strawberries to do like a strawberry shortcake type thing!

Okay, my beach towel is calling to meeee!! I’ll talk to you later, I love you guys so much!!


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