What is ADHD? Do we all have it?

OMGGGGG I’m having a difficult time focusing today!! I’m on the fence about this whole ADHD thing… I mean, I think there are actually people out there who legitimately have this disorder but I also think it’s become a bit of a buzzword, like EVERYONE says they have it whenever they get the slightest bit distracted…

It’s just become like this trendy thing to be like “Oh yah I totally have ADHD…”

*hair flip.. click of the nails*

But sometimes I wonder about myself. I really DO have a terrible go of it some days, with focusing/feeling hyper and chaotic and all over the place with my thinking. But, like… Isn’t EVERYONE like that to some extent? Do we ALL have it? IDK, I also check like four of the five boxes for Autism, which I SERIOUSLY don’t think I actually have so who knows.

I just know that some days it’s a total shitshow trying to get me to actually sit down and focus and today is one of those days. And I’m SQL and PHP database coding so this is quite a struggle.

She’s all hormones and adrenaline, this one…

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