Power tools and lip gloss are a girl’s best friend

Okay, so I’m about to throw a lot of numbers at you… Alright, so… If you saw my Site Updates post, you’ll know that I was going to pop outside super quickly this afternoon to replace one of the control arms on the Jeep. Just, y’know, POP out there SUPER QUICKLY.

I don’t wanna give away the surprise ending but…


Okay, so I needed two impact sockets for this job: 3/4 inch and 15mm (or 5/8″ also fits). My impact wrench has a 1/2″ drive. Great. Awesome. I have a full 1/2″ impact socket set, with all of the little blokes tucked neatly into their flats.

Grabbed the 3/4″, loosened the lugnuts on the tire, pulled the little fellow off and set him to the side.

Doing brilliantly.

Slipped the 5/8″ out of his bed, onto the wrench, over the bolt on the control arm and …HE’S FAR TOO BIG.

I has a confusion.

I checked my 3/8″ drive 5/8″ and he proudly slipped right over the bolt.

“I fit, Momma! Use me, baby!!”

So I’m like… “Okay, po-tent… BUT. I need to inspect something first.”

So I look at my 1/2″ drive socket and he doesn’t say 5/8″. He says ELEVEN SIXTEENTHS.

So I go over to my socket set and inspect each of them CAREFULLY. 9/16, 3/4, 15/16, 11/16… And ELEVEN SIXTEENTHS.




WHERE THE HELL IS 5/8??!?!?! How long has he been missing, who the hell kidnapped him, and where the fuck did Goldilocks come from??!?! Upon further inspection, he isn’t even the same TYPE of socket. He’s the same color but he’s just SLIGHTLY different.

I searched everywhere that I keep my tools but dude, this will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to figure out. I’ve done so many jobs and taken these fellows so many places… So if you need an 11/16, I’m your girl!!

And I have like three different 3/8″ dive 5/8s but NO ADAPTER for my impact wrench.

And this shit is RUSTED on there, I wasn’t able to bang him off with a regular wrench and a mallet, I tried. It’s such a tight spot, I don’t have the space to get the leverage and momentum to hit the wrench hard enough.

So I’m like WTF ever, let me just look on Amazon for an adapter set. Which they totally have, he’ll be here tomorrow.

BUT. I also thought, well let me just LOOK. Let me just LOOK at cordless impact wrenches. Because the one I have is pneumatic, like you hook him up to the air compressor. Which is fine but there are SOOOOOO many steps, like go get the hose, run it out to wherever you’re working, turn on the air compressor, wait for it to pressurize… AND this is a huge air compressor that’s built into the side of the shoppe here at the house, and I noticed today when I turned it on that part of it is leaking. I was like “Where the hell is that loud hissing sound coming from??” And there’s no telling how old this thing is so I was like let me just LOOK at the cordless fellows…


RYOBI has one.


I an OBSESSED with Ryobi stuff. They’re so amazing but it’s like, something about them… The sexy neon green and black color scheme, his hot little name… RYOBI.


I already have … lemme try to name them all, I’m probably forgetting a few… I have both drills, the circ saw, the pole saw, the mower, the flashlight, sawsall, and portable outlet power strip… All in the 18V cordless. Well, the mower is the 40V but the others all interchange with the same battery and I have like three of those! So I was like OMFG this is a moral imperative. AND he was on sale $30 off!!

So he’s coming tomorrow with the adapter set and also, the adapter set was overnight delivery when you spend $25 but the fine gentleman Ryobi was One-Day not overnight, and the adapter set is only $10 and a lot of times with overnight, Amazon is like “You can get this overnight or… NEXT MONDAY.” Like, there’s no middle ground, probably so you’ll spend more and get the overnight.

Which totally worked because I want to get the set tomorrow! So I got two lip plumping lip glosses to make the $25, and I’m feeling just pleased as punch right now.

Any day that involves new power tools and lip gloss is just all sorts of WIN in my book!!

So I’m super stoked AND I worked out already and even got to do a spot of sunbathing! So now I’m gonna either go make the Planet Jenna shot glasses or build the Rumor Mill page!

I love you guys so much!! I hope everyone had a rad Monday and, if not (or even if you did), go treat yourselves to new power tools and lip gloss!!


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