Last Updated: Saturday, April 13, 2024

This is oFISHul OTR. OTR loves FISH and he loves to PLAY. He doesn’t have time for rumor and speculation, he wants to PARTY! So, whenever you see OTR, you know that shit is verified, it is real, and it is ON!!

ALL of my active social media accounts are Verified!


I made this banner for my Insta, idk why. LOL
Probably because I use it the most! I'll make banners for the others, too!!
I also have a TikTok that I haven't used much yet and literally like four various Twitter accounts that I had made over the years and probably forgot to deactivate. XD But if you see any Twitter account with current posts claiming to be me, it's fake!!
This is FACTS!! I applied to Playboy last summer and literally thought I'd been rejected. I didn't hear anything for MONTHS. I was so bummed. But then I got an email a few months later saying "Congratulations, Bunny!!" And I almost crapped my pants. XD OMGGGG I was so excited!!!
Being in Playboy has always been one of my ultimate goals and I still can't believe it's real. All of my modeling idols have been in Playboy: Doria, Neriah Davis, Julie Strain, Lisa Boyle, Pamela Anderson...
So being included with the next generation of Bunnies is a dream come true!!

Star Status, baby!! CULT Star Status!! I made Star Seller status in March and I got it again this month in April!!
It's a distinction that Etsy awards their sellers who meet certain goals for excellence, like on-time shipping, fast response to emails and at least a 4.8 star rating!! So proud of this!! Scope out my shoppe here:

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