Last Updated: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Did you hear what she said? Where was she going? Who was she with?? I've read some crazy shit about myself online, so I thought I'd make this page to either confirm or deny all those scandalous things I may or may NOT have done!!
OMG I get this one soooooo much... NO! I've never had Botox. I'm actually kinda afraid of it because I mean, it's like a neurotoxin, right?? I don't know if I could get the courage to inject a neurotoxin into my face... Although I DO love the results, everyone who's had it I think looks gorgeous!!
I'm super open and up front about my cosmetic procedures because I don't feel ashamed or like it's something to hide, I'm proud of all the work I've had done!! This is art, baby! *snaps fingers* My surgeons have been true artists, and here's what I've had done:
•   Breast Augmentation   •   Rhinoplasty (nose job)   •   Juvederm Lip Filler (I get this like twice a year!)

Okay, I kinda maybe know where this one comes from because I play into that shit HARD. And I DO pole dance. But I feel like we're all adults here and should be able to tell the difference between pole dance fitness and stripping.
First of all, NO. I have NEVER been a stripper. Not even when I turned 18, like wild and free and exploring anything and everything... But I definitely play into the aesthetic and I mentioned this in one of my Journal entries, that I LOVE the stripper vibe, although I think I'm actually more into the way Rob Zombie portrays it than like the actual stripper lifestyle...
But I know I definitely look the part and I have this horrible thing that I do whenever some random guy comes up to me and asks me where I dance. Like, sometimes they don't even ASK if I'm a stripper, they just ASSUME I am and ask which club I work at.
So I'll totally play it up and be like "Yah, I work at Penthouse Club..." I mean, if I'm gonna be a pretend stripper, I'm gonna be a high class one, ykwim??
And I'll go, "I'm working tonight, you should totally come see me around 10pm!!" And I always wonder how many of those poor bastards actually go down there looking for me.
The owner's probably like WTF our most popular dancer doesn't even work here!!

Got some hot goss for me?? Spill the tea, babes...
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