Last Updated: Saturday, April 13, 2024
I've got the Site Updates and Breaking News pages of the Hot Goss section all built!! Now onto the Merch and Rumor Mill! Also, is this pink color for the links too hard to see? I'm on the fence because I love this color but I can't tell if this is a little hard to make out against the black... I love you guys so much!! We're getting ourselves a SITE, baby!! XXX
I posted a new entry in my Journal! What is ADHD? Do we all have it?
Hello all you magnificent Sex Beasts you!! I'm playing with the Hot Goss section today!! I'm building the database right now and I'm coding it so you can search and view the updates by month, once the site gets banging and there are months and months worth of updates, I think this is gonna be a rad way to organize everything! I love you guys!! XXX
I'm banging on this new design!! I'm getting a bunch of the pix and links in place and I think this layout should look rad on larger and small desktops/laptops!! Gonna get the phone version dialed in next! I love you guys!! XXX
YOU GUYS!! The new Planet Jenna is HEEEERREEEE!!! OMG okay, it is nowhere NEAR finished. There are pages to nowhere. Galleries that haven't been uploaded yet. Links that don't ...LINK. And it probably looks like asshole on your phone (FOR NOW). But I couldn't wait any longer!!

I had taken the site offline for a minute because I converted everything to WordPress, so we're gonna have a bunch of rad new dynamic features now!!

I've been updating my Journal steadily in the background and you guys can leave comments on my entries now!! So head over and scope that out and I'm gonna be adding new stuff every day!!

I love you guys so much!! So excited to be RE-LAUNCHED!!!