Last Updated: Saturday, April 13, 2024

New details about this second one!
Okay, you guys!! I got the main Dossier page all built!! It's got a bunch of rad stuff like status updates, current mood, and The Moment - which is a place for me to share my current obsessions!

Also, scope out Exhibit X, which features a random incriminating photo from the camera roll on my phone!

I had a TON of Cult Star orders (YAY!!) so I was super busy with those last week - hence the lack of updates - but I'm finishing the last one this afternoon and then I can play with Planet Jenna for the rest of the weekend!! I love you guys!! XXX
New Journal entry!! WTF are the Sunday Scaries??

ALSO! I've been working on the Dossier section!! I haven't gotten to play with it much this weekend because I got four orders for Cult Star so I've been busy AF making those. But I'm gonna rock it this week!! I love you guys!! XXX
Okay, I just got the Verified page of the Hot Goss section all built!!
And that means this section is TOTALLY FINISHED!! So excited!! I'm really banging on this and super stoked and focused and tuned in, tapped in, turned ON!! In THE VORTEX!!!
Next up: My Dossier!! I love you guys so much!! XXX
The Rumor Mill is now up and running!! This is the page for all that hot Jenna goss and those scandalous rumors that may or may not be true!! I also added a contact form so you can submit your own rumors and spill the tea on any crazy shit you've heard about what I'm doing, where I was going, and who I was with!! XXX
New Journal entry! The control arm adventure ended with new power tools and lip gloss...
I got the New Merch page of the Hot Goss section all built!! I made a database to pull the new featured merch dynamically, so excited!!

One of the items I have linked, the Planet Jenna Shot Glasses, those don't exist yet XD because I still need to make them! BUT... They are going to be BADASS, I'm making them this afternoon after I swap out one of the control arms on the Jeep.

It's turned into a thing because I've been so busy and I wanted to film it for Jenna Loves Cars, so I keep putting it off but I NEEEEEED to do this on the front drivers side. So I'm just gonna bust it out this afternoon, no cameras, just to have that side done because that's the one that needs to be replaced.

BUT... I got the whole set, the upper and lower for both sides, the swaybar and tie rods... So I'm gonna film THOSE, after I get this necessity arm - as he will heretofore be known - all dialed in!!

I love you guys and hope you're having an incredible Monday!! HAPPY APRIL!! XXX